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A little note from your photographer:

I like to bring out the best in each person. I have always been creative and artistic so, when I found myself in love with photography I never stopped capturing every moment and learning new techniques. I consider what I do my chance to write a short story of each person's personality and life. My style is photojournalistic, casual and fun. I place a tremendous focus in composition & lighting and minimal focus on posing. My real passion is to photograph natural expressions in a more contemporary way.

I am a passionate photographer, I love what I do.

I am a professional and I take my job seriously. I never stop learning.

I can wait for you to see what we can do when we work together to showcase the best of you.

I belive that {Life is Sweet} and worth every click!

It is such an honor for me to meet so many amazing families and individuals with the mission to collect their essence in sometimes just one hour. My goal is always to make that time meaninfull through the capture of images that will be enjoyed and appreciated for the rest of their lives.


Louise Stidham